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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sunflower Wedding Photos | Maris Ehlers Photography

This summertime ENCORE with Julia and Darryl was a ton of fun.  Married for just about a year and a half, these two definitely still have that newlywed vibe going.  

Darryl kept saying that Julia promised him a trip to DQ afterwards...  I hope he got the biggest Cookie Dough Blizzard, EVER!  

We had more "Julie's" than we knew what to do with, but a huge thank you goes out to Julie Davis of Hanover for the use of her fabulous Ford pickup.  Thank you, Julie!  

As usual, we had a great team to pull it all together:  

Hair and Makeup:  MJ Evans, Glamourazzi (Eden Prairie) 
Styling:  Julia O'Brien (Mpls)
Flowers:  Shellie Jensen of Scarlet Lilly (Minnetonka) 
Assistant / 2nd Shooter:  Courtney Johnson 

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Oh, I adore this picture.

How cute is this? 
Here we realized the red lipstick had to go.  There was way too much kissing going on and Darryl looked like the Joker after their first big smooch!
Evening light is the best. 
Julie (the stylist) had the idea to ask the farmers whose farm we stopped at if they had a pitchfork, and we just couldn't resist a few with it.  I won't post the one of Julia chasing Darryl with it (j/k - I wish I would have thought of that, actually). 

This girl has cool shoes.  We only used a few of what she brought - just not enough time! Oh. Darryl's one pair were nice, too.  

I am so lucky that yet another Julie who lives nearby is always willing to bring her '54 Ford truck to just about anywhere I ask when I am interested in using it.  It is AWESOME, and if she ever paints it like she says she is going to, I will cry. 

These next few images were taken by Courtney Johnson, who has been tagging along on some shoots this summer. 
 I did a more unusual edit to this one, and I love it. 
This image of Courtney's is downright steamy!  I was shooting in front of them and she found just a great opportunity from the side... add a funky edit and we have romance novel cover here, I think! 
I know this is one of Courtney's favorite images from the shoot, so I gave it a nice soft, airy feel and like how it turned out.  You know, Darryl really didn't seem to mind all the kissing stuff.  

Shellie Jensen of Scarlett Lily Floral in Minnetonka ROCKS!  If you are getting married, you MUST chat with her.  She does great work, is super sweet and did I mention does great work? 

I've wanted to photograph ANYONE in front of a large hay bale for quite some time, so I'm glad I finally got to try it last night.  I know who is next for this sort of look as well! 

These last two in the truck are two of my very favorites of the day.  Thank you so much Julia and Darryl.  It was a lot of fun and you both were great sports!  



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Digital Flower Pictures said...

Gorgeous woman. I like the flowers too :)
I am happy to see some unusual editing. It came out nice!