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Friday, August 21, 2009

Puppy Love

Some friends and neighbors have a new puppy, Buddy. He's a springer, and we're a springer family, so it was really fun to shoot him. I'm preparing for another local fundraiser (for animals this time), so Buddy is my first "model".

This is Amelia - she couldn't resist the puppy any more than the rest of us, she was just a little more, ah, obvious with her affections. :)

I love this image. It's like he's looking up at a bird in the sky or something, but actually I think Ann (his owner) was shaking a treat box at him.

This one on the sidewalk was the first image we took.
The one below is one of my favorites from the morning.

Isn't it amazing how their instinct already tells them to "point"? Ok, so it was at a car noise he heard, but he was still pointing nonetheless!

This last one is just priceless. Love the lip, the eyebrow, the look all of it - that's a lot of personality for one little dog!

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