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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I just downloaded a trial version of Lightroom and I am trying to figure out how to process 100's of raw images into jpgs for work. I can't seem to find any tutorials online that tells me how to do so. Are you able to help me?

Oooh, I love Lightroom!

Do you understand the basic premise of Lightroom? It's non-destructive editing at it's finest, which means that when you import the images into Lightroom you are actually importing the thumbnail, not the entire image. When you go into the develop module, you are actually editing the thumnail as well. What is so awesome about that is that you aren't doing anything to the original - it ALWAYS remains as it came out of your camera. In Photoshop, when you worked on the file you worked on / changed the original unless you saved a copy.

In Lightroom, you never hit save. Isn't that awesome? It also keeps track of your changes so you can always jump back 3 or 30 changes, depending on how you many you've made with just one click.

So, what all of this means is, in order to get the jpeg, you click on File, Export and a dialog box will come up. You want to save it to your disk, choose an existing folder or create a new one, and then choose JPEG as the file format with all of the qualities you want it to have. Lightroom will export all of the files and save them as jpegs to that folder. That's it!

NOW... before you do that... I hope you will go through them and eliminate the ones you don't want to see again and hopefully rate the ones you do with either a star rating or a color code. Once you do this, in the library module you can click on the grid view and then at the top of the screen click on "attributes". You can then choose which images to see based on the attributes you gave them. Super slick - if you want, you can highlight those and export only those with the attribute you are looking at. I use this feature constantly!

Sorry if this is hard to understand - I never said I would make a good technical writer. ;)

Hope this helps!

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