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Monday, February 15, 2010

What is your next big shoot?

I am launching a series of WOW sessions, which are all about MOM. Moms, like so many busy women, give an awful lot of themselves to those they love, but sometimes the other facets of their personalities get buried. Being a parent is wonderful and amazing, and it's also encompassing, stressful and consuming. My goal is to create an opportunity to let her rediscover some of the elements of her personality that may get overlooked these days, and to tell her story... sort of "A Day in the Life Of..." with a little fun and fantasy thrown in.

I put out a call via my facebook page for mom models, and the response was overwhelming! I have my first WOW shoot coming up, complete with a makeup artist, jewelry consultant and a set stylist, and it's going to be a ton of fun. I have a few other model shots set up to help build my portfolio, but then after that these sessions will be available for any Mom who wants to be WOW'd. :)

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