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Monday, February 15, 2010

I am getting a new camera in the next two months. I am planning on buying the Canon 7d but keep going back and forth as to whether or not it makes sense to just pay an extra $800 or so for the 5D. What do you think?

Ooooh, that's a great question. The one thing I'd want to know before I answered this question is what camera you are using now, but since I don't know that, here's my opinion:

1. Buy the best equipment you can afford. No more, no less. I didn't buy the 5d until I had enough income to both justify it and pay for it. The 7d is an amazing camera and will be "the" camera for many professionals, and yes, I wish I had one! :)

2. Personally, I'd invest in the best lenses first. I believe that lenses have the ability to impact your images moreso than the camera, so if you don't have the prime lenses you want I'd invest the $1,700 on lenses before a new camea (again, I don't know what you are shooting with now so that answer might change). If the $800 wasn't a big deal, then I'd definately use it to complete my lens offering first. If you blow the piggy bank on the 5d Mark II but have mediocre lenses, you won't be happy with the results.

I gave this same advice to another photographer recently, and I'm happy to report they followed my advice and are happy they did. I said if I were them I would invest in the following (in this order):

1. Lightroom
2. Lightroom Training (you might not need this, but it's insanely helpful even for a graphic designer)
3. Lenses
4. Camera

Now, on to which is better - the Canon 7d or the Canon 5d Mark II. The easy answer is that the 5d Mark II still wins. It has a full frame, deals with noise better and beats the 7d at high ISOs.

Having said that, if I owned a Rebel, XTi or even a 40d, I'd jump in with a 7d with absolutely NO regrets and know I got a great camera that would keep me satisfied for years to come! In fact, as a 5d Mark II owner, I'd LOVE to own a 7d. Maybe that will go on my wish list! :)

The big thing when looking at camera technology is to understand how much of it you want, how much of it you need, and what is "over the top". To me, over the top means bells and whistles that you pay for but won't use, understand or need. Figuring that out is also the fun of it!

A great review on the 7d can be found here:

Good luck. Let me know what you decide!

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