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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I am looking to print business cards. Knowing me and my photography-would you put "natural light Photographer" or just "photographer"?

Ha! I have to chuckle, because when I saw a post by urm, someone else earlier today about their business cards, I realized that I do not use them. :) I've had them previously but gave up on the idea because trying to make the "perfect" one was torture. Sound familiar? Now I just send people to my website and it works well.

I probably wouldn't put either "natural light photographer" or "photographer". I'd probably just have it say your name and the business name, i.e.

Maris Ehlers
Maris Ehlers Photography (not lined up like this, of course).

I believe yours is set up the same way, right?

Don't be afraid to break some rules here! What do you want your business card to do for you? Instead of a formal "business card", could it be one of your favorite shots with your logo and website (blog) address layered on it with your email and cell? What about printing it a different size or shape? There are so many fun companies now that do really wacky cards. It might be a fun way to express your creativity beyond the confines of the traditional approach. Now THAT sounds like something right up your alley!

I have a friend who had some really cool and wild ones. I'll ask where they were printed and post it for you, ok?

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