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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Maris - do you know anything about the Canon G11 camera? I've heard it referred to as a "baby SLR"...I'm considering puchasing. Your thoughts? Thanks! Kietra

Hi, Kietra: I know that it gets glowing reviews, and deservedly so. Several of my friends who are professional photographers have purchased the G11 camera for their "candid" use, like vacations, kids activities, etc. It's fast, great in low light situations, has a wide variety of options and features. Best of all, it can shoot RAW files (you might not want or need this), and it has the equivalent of a 28mm wide angle lens.

I would highly recommend it, and it's likely it will end up in my candid bag at some point, too. :)

~Enjoy it!

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