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Thursday, June 17, 2010

The first place winner in the Maris Ehlers Photography June "MULTIPLES" photography contest is...  (drum roll, please)... 

"Untitled" by Courtney Johnson.  

Here's what Courtney has to say about her image: 

"I was at the Fargo Air Museum checking out all the cool planes, and they had this board up. It was full of dog tags of soldiers from the War in Iraq that did not make it home. It was very touching to see. Not only does this picture represent the multiples of men and women who have died serving their country, but the multiple family members and friends that had to hear the news and mourn a hero." 

Part of what defines a good image for me is about nothing more than whether or not an image sticks with me.  If I find myself thinking about an image or the story behind it after I've looked at it and am off doing other things, then it's a picture that has merit, in my humble opinion.  Several of the judges and contestants felt the same way. 

This image tells the story of lost soldiers in a very intimate, personal and "in your face" kind of way.  It also deals with the theme of "MULTIPLES" in a very clear manner. 

Courtney, email me your address so I can send you your $50 Target gift card!!!!  

Second place goes to "Cadillac Ranch" by Shannon DeFord.  

I like everything about this image.  How it responds to the multiples theme, the color and vibrancy, the uniqueness of it, and not only am I left REALLY wanting to see this, but I can't imagine how much fun it would be to do a portrait session there {only slightly jealous}.  :)  

The following images are "editor's picks" and also deserve recognition for responding to the theme with unique, enjoyable and fun images.  

In no particular order, here they are: 

"Stairway to Paradise" by Ryan O'Neil

"Untitled" by Kristen Phelan

"Untitled" by Darryl Esch

"Southern Comfort" by Jennifer Willard

"Wrinkles" by Cairith Turner

"Untitled" by Tess Haun

"Flirtinis" by Nina Kopetka

"Frost" by Nina Downer

"Untitled" by Stacey Nauman

"Glass Bottles" by Alyssa Lund

"Untitled" by Rob Schrader - really, this one creeps me out, but that's why I like it. :) 

Congratulations, everyone!  Please feel free to share this post on your blog or on facebook, etc., so that people can see your images!  I'll be announcing July's contest soon, and I hope you'll be ready!  




Digital Flower Pictures said...

Thanks for inspiring me, Maris.

shannon said...

WOW! Seeing my photo here made me smile. Thank you for the kind comments Maris. If you are ever driving on I-40 West of Amarillo, Tx, you will definitely need to stop at Cadillac Ranch. It is truly ever changing and unique. Taking pictures there is always fun and undoubtedly colorful. If you do come this way, be sure to bring with you a can or two of spray paint to add your artistic flair to the Cadillacs. Blessings to you. ~Shannon