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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Inspiration Station | Maris Ehlers Photography

Hey... I need some inspiration, so in order to find some, I'm hoping you, my loyal readers (all three of you), will stop by and tell me what inspires YOU!

I'm waiting... somewhat patiently, but not really... for you to inspire me.


Angel said...

YOU! You inspire me..... You're artisitc talent and passion for your photos. I am happy to call you a friend, a mentor and an outstanding teacher. You inspire me to make a change.

Angel said...

No, she did not pay me to say that... its true. What else inspires me? My boys discovering or rediscovering things like the ocean. I cannot wait to be in Mexico again and watch them play in the ocean. The rediscovering of how the hot sand feels on their feet, the tast of the salt water and all there is to be found with in the waves.

glenda said...

The knowledge of how lucky I am, even though many may consider my life to be difficult. The warmth I feel for those I love. The simple things in life are the best. Holding hands with my BF, him kissing my cheek in public, my mom telling me she loves me, a friend telling me I am a great friend! These things inspire me to live life to its fullest. I know it's a bit corny..but it is so true

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled onto your site and saw your question. What inspires me? Well, it can vary. Sometimes it's watching my son play or hear him tell me his observations of others and the world around him. Other times it's seeing strangers helping each other in ordinary situations: opening doors, picking up a dropped mitten, helping someone reach that item on the top shelf in the store, or simply saying hello and looking you in the eye with their own little twinkle. And it's sitting next to a rushing river while camping in the woods or singing at the top of my lungs in meadow at the base of a mountain. Everyday there are little bits of life that inspire me. And,seeing yor photos today, you are capturing everyday inspiration. Simply beautiful :-)

Anonymous said...

Taking photos, I try to find something in each person or child that inspires me....might be the eyes, hearty laugh or serious expression or perhaps how a single curl falls in their hair.....or perhaps something inside them.
Some days it is harder to be inspired so I need to make sure I am in the right place within myself to be inspired. Not always easy!!

Photo MOM said...

I find something everyday that inspires me. Look around...Not the typical look outside the box....looking at my kids discovering something new, whether it be a funny face, reading everything in site, or how to climb the gate to the basement. Its all around sit back and take it all in, there is bound to be something.
Sometimes we have to look a little harder at the things that have been there all along. Kindness, honesty, hurt, sorrow, as well as the ones we often capture, you know, Love, Innocence, anticipation and excitement.

Courtney said...

Learning about other people's passions and what they love to do. Finding the beauty in what others see everyday. Not many people allow themselves to take the time to make something they love an important aspect in their life. Especially as a college student, people just go through the motions day after day, doing what they have to to get through each day. Many people I've met are going to school just for the money, and they ignore their passion because they believe it won't get them anywhere. So when people have that special spark of passion, it's so inspiring.

And Angel, I back your first comment 100%. Maris, you are such a special person and a great teacher. And a crazy talented one at that. I am so blessed to have met you, and to have such a fantastic, inspiring mentor to look up to. Before I met you, I had asked many small business photographers if they needed any help, even if it was just to carry equipment, just so I could be there, but every single one of them turned me down. But I emailed you, and you, bless your heart, sent me back a list of at least 10 sessions you had going on, and told me that I was welcome on any of them. You have such a big heart; thank you for giving me the opportunity of a lifetime. To put it simply: You rock :)