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Thursday, January 6, 2011

The Power of Vulnerability TED Talk | Maris Ehlers Photography

If you've never heard of TED, it's an organization that is all about sharing ideas that are, well, worth sharing!

I ran across this video the other day, and I can't even put into words how relevant and appropriate it is.  If you have a few minutes, it is worth watching (and sharing!).  :)

I would love to hear your feedback!


Lori said...

Amazing-definitely worth the twenty minutes it takes to watch. What an incredible speaker with an incredible message. Thank you for sharing.

Maris Ehlers Photography said...

Thanks, Lori. It's even worth watching a second or third time. :)

skye | photographer said...

Maris - I guide 3000 tweens/teens a year toward thinking they are enough. Most are not even aware of the negative impact their world has had on their worth--true worth--not Mommy and Daddy-''you are the best" kind of worth but a kind they believe. In the short time, 8 years, that I have been doing this, I have noticed a HUGE decline in how young girls perceive themselves. They are horribly flawed, in need of fixing and not worthy of love. They have reinterpreted love to be opinionated, judgemental, mean, controlling and even violent. I work with all populations and know this stems from fractured parents and a fractured community/world. Thank you for posting such a meaningful piece. I hope to share. Thinking of how....