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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Fall Color Minnesota Engagement Session | Maris Ehlers Photography

Way back when the H Man was born, we faced the dilemma of turning my child over to a caregiver while we worked.  Lucky for us, we found a group of lovely women at a nearby montessori center, which at the time we started attending hardly any children in it (new management), especially babies. 

I used to bathe him in lavender baby soap before taking him each morning - my strategy was that if he smelled irresistible, they wouldn't be able to put him down.  I believe it worked. 

As H got older and his ah, personality developed, he glommed on to Miss Lindsey.  I will FOREVER be grateful to Lindsey for loving Hunter as much as she did.  They were inseparable, and I always knew she would do what he needed her to do.  

As the class sizes got bigger, it became more difficult for H to do what he was supposed to do.  Montessori was not for him.  We finally sought out an environment that was smaller, more intimate and that we knew would be great for him, and it truly was.  Life changing, in fact (thank you, Miss Lindi!).  But it was really hard to leave Lindsey.  However, shortly thereafter she ended her career in daycare - I only hope H wasn't the catalyst.  ;) 

Fast forward to Lindsey and Josh together, who started their little family with the addition of N.  N is ADORABLE, and sweet in nature and temperament like H.  When they were pregnant, they came for a maternity session, and Lindsey was so excited to see H.  I felt terrible - he didn't recognize her anymore - she and I were both sad for a moment, but as she eagerly anticipated the arrival of her own little guy, we knew she had great things in store. 

Now they are making it official with a wedding of their own in early April.  It is late at night as I write this, it's been raining and sleeting, plus we're getting snow.  I decided I really needed to think of warmer weather, so I thought I'd post a few previews from fall sessions that I didn't get to blog at the time because it was so busy. 

Here is their preview from their session last fall (on a very windy day)!  

N and his blue, blue eyes! 

I love the pensive look on Josh's face. 

A tiff.  Will they kiss and make up? 

Yep.  Something tells me she can't stay mad at him for very long! 

Congratulations on your upcoming wedding, Lindsey and Josh (N, too).  I can't wait!

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