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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Josh and Lindsey's Beautiful Spring Wedding in Minnesota | Maris Ehlers Photography

Ahhh, the decisions!  These are my "favorite" 15 images from yesterday's wedding.  Lindsey and Josh had a truly wonderful celebration, and I'm in love... with her shoes.  

You get some highlights tonight and then some more detailed previews throughout the week! 

Josh's mom is no longer living, and so much of their day honored her memory.  Her favorite color was purple, and during the first look Lindsey gave Josh this angel to carry with him throughout the day. 

The rings inside Lindsey's beautiful purse that I wanted to take home with me (uh, the rings and the purse, actually!) 

Lindsey's bouquet had a locket in it with some antique photos inside of grandparents, I believe.  So touching! 

This flower girl has the most gorgeous curls I've ever seen! You'll be seeing more of her! 

The bride's father straightening Josh's tie. 

My Sweet Lindsey! 

Dramatic lighting assistance by Angel Petit

This has become one of my favorite moments in some ceremonies.  The parents and family gather behind the couple and place their hands on them while a blessing for their marriage is said. 

Oh, yeah.  There will be a details blog on this one, baby! 

Here and Lindsey and Josh entering the reception.  Their biggest priority of the day was that everyone enjoy the celebration, and they did! 

Their sweet little Nash boogy-ing out on the dance floor (before the dancing started, of course)!

Their first dance as Mr. and Mrs. Jennings

The father / daughter dance.  Photo Credit:  Angel Petit for MEP
The people who made it happen: 

Church:  Christ the King Lutheran Church, Hastings, Minnesota 
Reception Venue:  Crow River Golf Club, Hastings, Minnesota 
Florist: Crow River Floral
Cake:  Dobo's 

More to come this next week! 

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