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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Meet The Little Girl With The Red Glasses | Maris Ehlers Photography

You've all been waiting to see this little girl, who debuted during our For Japan With Love fundraiser for ShelterBox, and I've been waiting to show her off.  W is ADORABLE, even when she's crabby!  Oh, my - such an expressive little face.  W's mom is toy designer and blogger Mari of Small for Big.  Check out her site.  She has some great toy resources and design inspirations! 

W and her cat named "Moe". 

So sad, but so stinkin' cute when she's mad! 

1 comment:

mari said...

Oh, my sweet little girl and her gi-normous bad mood! It's so funny because she's so rarely like this, you can see her tongue fiddling with her teeth: sure sign of teething pain.
Thanks Maris for catching some great shots amidst the gloomy mood!