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Monday, April 25, 2011

My list of Photography Dreams | Maris Ehlers Photography

Life is short.  It should be sweet.  For me, the best dreams are the ones that come when I least expect them, and I'm inspired to dream them.  Sometimes, the only thing to write them on is the back of a napkin.  In this case, a Caribou Coffee napkin (no surprise there).

Here is my napkin list that I had created several months ago.  I just came across it, and while I've made progress in some areas, in others - not a drop.  So this is my reminder to get dreaming and get moving.

1.  An Asian Indian wedding - they are so full of color and vibrancy - I'm DYING to photograph one. 
2.  A Jewish wedding and / or a Bat or Bar Mitzvah - I think some of the Jewish wedding traditions are fabulous and so would love to capture one.
3.  An out-of-state wedding.  Hmmm... this one might actually have a chance.
4.  A wedding at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts
5.  A rustic outdoor wedding / reception in a barn in Minnesota (complete with barn dance, please).  :) 
6.  A baby in a crib in the evening summer light (outdoors, of course).
7.  The perfect silhouette of my children
8.  A live birth (any takers?).
9.  A life transition.
10. Something completely unexpected.

Now.  It's out there.  When we keep our dreams hidden, sometimes even to ourselves, we don't have to risk rejection by reaching for them.  We can take them out and think about them when we want, and pretend they don't exist when we don't feel confident or like we aren't entitled to have them.

Once you say or share them, it's game changing.  Now it's known.  Now it's in print.  Now it's time to make them happen.

What's on your napkin list?  Please share.

1 comment:

Sara said...

Fantastic, Maris! I love the idea of a napkin list. I've jotted down many ideas on napkins and coasters over the years!