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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Newborn "Oh, Baby!" Pictures | Maris Ehlers Photography

Meet baby Harper, the new love of first time parents Darryl and Julia.  

I first met Darryl and Julia last year when we photographed them in our wedding sunflower shoot, which was featured on the rustic wedding blog Sparkle & Hay.  

Here Harper is in her sweet little crib. 
I asked Julia if she would answer some questions about her journey to motherhood.  Here is what she had to say: 

1.  How did you find out you were pregnant?  

It was labor day morning and I was laying in bed at 7am dying to take a pregnancy test. I snuck out of bed and took one, anxiously waiting the results. When I saw a second line indicating I was pregnant I was over the moon and instantly started crying tears of happiness. 

I then had a photo in a frame for Darryl that said "you're going to be a daddy" with me holding a "baby in board" sign in the photo. 

On the recently Scotch Guarded (TM) furniture

2.  What was Darryl's response? 

When he got up I had put it on his night stand.  When he saw it he looked at me and said "Seriously?!" started crying and gave me a huge hug.

Sweet Girl.

3.  How did you choose her name? 

Harper was my favorite name and McKenzie was his. Harper Lee was the author of To Kill a Mockingbird and we both really liked the name. We loved the flow of Harper McKenzie so decided to put our favorites together. 

4.  Tell us about how you felt before, during and after her arrival. 

Before: Anxious to meet her, overwhelmed with a sense of how blessed we were and imagining seeing her for the first time. I stayed up all night the night before playing my pregnancy in my mind like a movie. 

During: Every sense was on high alert. I savored the moment. 

After: She was the biggest blessing I'd ever been given.  I was and am so thankful for God's safe delivery to us and I knew she had changed my life forever. Love was now more tangible than I knew existed outside of my love for my hubby.

I love photographing babies in their nurseries.
The happy family.
5.  What's it like finally being a mom? 

It's a miracle. Its fulfilling, breathtaking, scary, emotional & amazing all in one. 
A Mother's Love

6.  How tired are you? 

I don't even think I've thought about being tired yet. My focus is on her. On my husband. On being what they need. That is my goal, to be a loving mother and wife for the family I love & have been blessed to have been given.

How gorgeous are they?

We had to really work for that pose. 
7.  What do you wish for Harper in her life? 

For her to know and feel unconditional love & for her to know the Lord as her personal Savior. Everything else is just gravy.
This would be the "I've had so much milk I can hardly hold my eyes open" look.

These two images were taken by the MEP intern Courtney, while I strategically held baby in place in a very awkward way.  

The proud parents booked an "Oh, Baby!" package with MEP, which means will be seeing this little dolly quite a bit during her first year.  Yay!