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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Special Babies | Maris Ehlers Photography

Today is a special day.  

Friends and clients Julia and Darryl will be giving birth to a very long awaited baby girl this morning.  My thoughts are with them, and I can't wait to document their little sweet pea in just a few days.  You may remember Julia and Darryl from one of our most popular shoots, Sunflowers and Hay Bales from last summer as featured on the fantastic Sparkle and Hay Rustic Wedding Blog.

I think it took Darryl and Julia some time to find one another, and so what better celebration of that love than a new little life to cherish!

Please keep them in your thoughts.

Today is a special day.

Today is an important day for me as a photographer and mother.  My intern, Courtney Johnson, and I will be photographing a very special little baby boy today.

This little guy has had more challenges in his 4 months than most of us have in a life time, and is much loved by his family, which includes mom, dad and two siblings.

We will have to be at our very best today, and hope to capture his personality and his story.  While we have to be mindful of the difficulties he's had health wise while we shoot, today is all about the love and devotion of two parents for their child, and that of an infant to his parents.

Please wish us all well today, for today is a special day.  :)

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Cynthia Bemis Abrams said...

Life is rich. I am certain that with full heart, you will live the moment and capture it. Few get the opportunity to create treasure, so that makes you special too. Blessings to all today