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Saturday, June 11, 2011

I Am My Brother's Keeper | Maris Ehlers Photography

As they say, timing is everything.  It's true.  On top of this insanely crazy week, in which our brother Kirk Andrew Murphy's story went public on Box Turtle Bulletin and CNN, I had a session booked for a high school senior boy yesterday.  His mom also wanted to capture a few shots of all three of her sons together as her oldest prepares to fly the nest after what will likely be the fastest year of their collective lives.

When they arrived yesterday, I was literally running on fumes.  While it might have been a good day to postpone my shooting, it was a creative distraction and release that I desperately needed.

The mom came in with a black sharpie and a piece of paper with some sayings that they have used in their home while raising their three boys.  She wanted to capture these sayings somehow in their imagery.

I will just say that I had a huge lump in my throat as she explained her vision and as we photographed it.  If only the rest of the world could see the wonderful opportunity we have to truly be our brother's keeper. And by keeper I mean to stand up for and show respect.  Our brothers by blood and as well as our brothers of the human race (sisters too, of course).

Timing is everything.  This week comedian and actor Tracy Morgan is in the hot seat for some comments he made at one of his shows.  I won't repeat it all here, but suffice it to say that he said if his son were gay he would "stab him" and that "gay kids who are bullied should stop whining about it".

I believe in free speech, but I can still be horrified by hate filled rants.

I am my brother's keeper.  May Tracy Morgan and the world discover what that truly means.


kjohnso6 said...

Thanks, Maris. This is really sweet and powerful.

skye | photographer said...

wow. crazy timing. you were meant to photograph this. It is wonderful that mom had the vision and clarity to have her boys photographed this way....capturing what they mean and offer to one another in this world. belonging and responsiblity.

Karen Murphy said...

Maris this has been a bitter sweet day for the three of us. I was so excited to have contact information for y'all again. I believe it was July of 1981, when we last saw everyone in Montana. I am truly devastated beyond words to hear what Kirk went through. I have known in my heart that our Kirk would be gay from a very young age. He was so sweet & innocent. As I went from FB pg to FB pg, & then link to news link in my search for all of you today, I cannot believe what I have seen & heard. I am so sorry that y'all went through that. I would like to talk to you Sun or Mon if you have some time available. The next 2 days are crazy busy for me. You will be in my thoughts & prayers. Love, Karen