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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

7 Beautiful Summer Family Pictures | Maris Ehlers Photography

Oh My. What a difference a year makes!  I photographed this family for the first time last fall, and all I can say is the kids have changed so much in less than a year, and everyone was so relaxed this time around.   Families typically dread having pictures taken, but last night was very relaxing and easy going. That comfort level shows in the images, I think.  

What made it even more relaxing is that we did the session in my back yard in the late afternoon / early evening sun.  

What I loved about this session: 

1.  Everyone wasn't all matchy matchy.  Mom wore a dress that she loves and feels comfortable in, and added a gorgeous red necklace. Hayley's white sun dress had some reds and oranges in the detailed flowers, so Jacob wore an orange shirt and Dad wore white.  This coordinated but unmatched look helped create a very casual look, perfect for a family at this stage in their lives.  

2.  The evening sun.  For the most part we weren't directly in it, but it still creates a nice "glow" that you don't get the rest of the day. 

3.  Hayley's big, gorgeous eyes!  

4.  The added pop of texture and color:  the patio, retaining rock wall, the red necklace and the turquoise couch!  

Assistant:  Courtney Johnson for Maris Ehlers Photography

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