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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Summer Portraits of a Little Girl | Maris Ehlers Photography

Little kids are easily some of my favorite subjects of all times.  That's not to say that it's easy.  Because it's not.  Sometimes I run out of stupid human tricks to get them to pay attention and smile, but even on the difficult days, and maybe even more so, I'm always thrilled when I see something awesome in the viewfinder. 

Kiki is an adorable little four year old filled with spunk, light and spark.  Her personality was a lot of fun to capture.  

I don't normally recommend changing outfits with kids under the age of six simply because it's so easy for them to lose their focus once they go change clothes and it can be really difficult to get it back (if not impossible).  But when there is just one child and they like being in front of the camera, it's a lot easier! 

I just love this one.  We had her put her hands behind her back because she couldn't keep them still! 
A typical children's sessions lasts about 45 minutes, and we try to make things as simple as possible for everyone involved! 

Maris Ehlers Photography is going to be having a day of sibling mini-sessions just in time for back to school on Friday, August 26th.  Please email Angel or use the contact us tab on facebook if you are interested.  $50 sessions and a discounted print package.  You can learn more about the promotion here

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