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Friday, January 27, 2012

Children's Photography Valentine's Day Mini Session Specials | Maris Ehlers Photography

I won't bother starting this post with a bunch of sentimental nonsense about how special Valentine's Day is, and how much fun it is to shop for valentines at the store with your child.  I don't know how it is at your house, but for us, it's really not that much fun.  They basically all look the same, and then eventually out of frustration we compromise and pick a few packages of valentines that have some weird looking Cartoon Network characters on them and drag them home.  

The joy continues, when in a rush the night before they have to take them to school, I beg and plead for the kids to address them (well, Hunter at least - Amelia is typically all over addressing envelopes of any kind).  In the end, I find myself taping pencils that won't stay on to valentines even the kids don't really like, and saying to myself I am NOT going to waste my money on this again next year but wanting to do something fun for them to share with their class.

When the kids bring home their goodies the next day, I typically find that pretty much everyone has the same cards, and I realize that Disney, Selena Gomez and Marvel are doing well.  

For Valentine's Day this year, we decided we wanted to do something fun - just for the kids.  Well, I guess it's kind of for you too, as you won't have the hassle of shopping for cards or fighting with your kids to get them addressed and ready to go.  We guarantee it!  

MEP invites your children to the studio in Hanover on Saturday, February 4th, from 9:00 - 2:30 (appointment required) for a fun mini photo shoot that they can help direct and create.  We'll snap some crazy pictures of your kids being as goofy as they like.  Mom can choose the card format, and if they are double sided, the kids can "draw" a design and signature on what will be the back panel of the card while they are there. 

We'll pick the best ones of the bunch and then add to the fun by designing custom valentines,  enhancing them with hand drawn doodles and designs.  All valentines will be ready to pick up at the studio by 2/10.  

The basic cost is $30 per child, and INCLUDES the 20 minute photo shoot and 30 4 x 6 photo cards (printed on one side only like a true photograph).  

There are a variety of upgrades and substitutions at a minimal cost, so please see the pricing list below: 

Valentine's Day Mini Sessions with Custom Printed Valentine Cards:  

Package A:  $30
20 minute mini session
30 4 x 6 Valentines (one sided printed on photo paper) 

sample design 
Package B:  $30
20 minute mini session
25 3 x 3 Double Sided Valentines* 

Package C: $35
20 minute mini session
25 4 x 5 Double Sided Press Printed Valentines*

Package D:  $45
20 minute mini session
50 Double Sided Valentine Bookmarks (press printed one design only)*

Package E:  $45
20 minute mini session
50 3 x 3 Double Sided Valentines (up to 2 designs)*

Package F:  $50
20 minute mini session
60 4 x 6 Valentines (one sided printed on photo paper) 
Package G:  $55
20 minute mini session
50 4 x 5 Double Sided Press Printed Valentines (up to 2 designs)*
*  All double sided Valentine’s can be decorated by the child on the backside before printing.  Or not.  You choose.  

To book a session or to inquire about pricing, please visit us here:

Remember to book early as there will be limited sessions available!