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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

The Family Stories Series by MEP | Maris Ehlers Photography

‎“Photographs are places we return to only in memory.”
~ Monica Ouziel

It hits me at odd times how quickly time is passing, how fast my children are growing up. Like you, I sometimes panic, thinking that I’m not documenting the highs, lows, and everyday moments of their lives as I should. While I’m pretty good at capturing them at events and activities, it’s their simple smiles and the motions of every day living that I can get too busy to remember to document. And I think I’m probably not alone. 

But far worse than that I’m afraid, is I am completely and utterly terrible about getting pictures of our entire family of four taken, snapshots at gatherings or professional portraits. I think it has something to do with the cobbler (and not her children) having new shoes, or something like that. 

As we were putting our exciting new “Family Stories” series together late last year, I was running some ideas by one of our favorite mom clients via email, and her response was shocking in a way, and yet I know from personal experience it’s all too common.

“The only pictures that exist of me in 2010 are the ones that you took. No one took my picture in 2011. If I’m not in a professional portrait session, pictures do not get taken of me – EVER. I would love to set aside time a few times a year, where I have pictures taken of me with the boys, separately & together and as a family. But I need to book all appointments at once, otherwise it becomes too easy to push it all off. I’m betting there are tons of other moms that think like that, too.”

We believe she’s right, and that is why we are excited to announce the Family Stories series of packages.  Of course you can still book one session at a time as in the past, but it is our hope that with packages that incorporate multiple sessions (any can be either indoors or out with flexible ways to use them) that you will rest assured knowing that you are trusting us to stop time and capture everyone in your family (including you) as you all are and will be in the next year.

The usage of them is meant to be flexible, which is a wonderful thing!  One great way to use the sessions in a package is to use one session for each child, one for the entire family, and if you have one left over?  Use a session for grandparents and grandchildren, or perhaps even give it as a gift.  It’s up to you!

The Family Stories Pewter Package*

2 Sessions
1 8 x 10 professional print
1 11 x 14 professional print
16 wallets (2 poses)
Free holiday card design
10% off our new StoryBlocks!

$293 value
Price:  $200 (plus sales tax)
Affordable payment plan:  $17.88 per month

The Family Stories Silver Package*

3 Sessions
2 8 x 10 professional prints
1 11 x 14 professional print
3 sheets wallets
Free holiday card design
FREE Admission to 1 MEP Photo Class
15% off our new StoryBlocks!

$438 value
Price:  $300 (plus sales tax)
Affordable payment plan:  $26.81 / month

The Family Stories Platinum Package*

4 Sessions
4 8 x 10 professional prints 
1 10 x 20 matted collage (upgrades available)
4 sheets of wallets
20% of albums, books and gifts
FREE admission to 1 MEP Photo Class OR 1 FREE Mini Session
20% off our new StoryBlocks!

Retail Value: $600
Price:  $400 (plus sales tax)
Affordable payment plan:  $35.75 / month

The Family Stories Heirloom Package*

5 Sessions
2 11 x 14 Professional Prints
1 11 x 30 StoryBlock with 4 8 x 6 Completer Blocks OR
1 12 x 12 Photographic Cover Brilliant Album (20 spreads / 10 pages)
ONE FREE admission to ALL MEP Photo Classes
Free disc of images with an additional $300 print order (disc price not included in monthly payment listed below).

Retail Value: $1,060
Price: $ 700 (plus sales tax)
Affordable payment plan:  $62.56 / month

*  All prints listed are per package, not per session

The new StoryBlocks line, included in the launch of the Family Stories Portrait Packages for MEP in 2012!

StoryBlocks are a wonderful new product that we are thrilled to offer!  The images are stretched and mounted over blocks of wood, and are meant to be used interchangeably to tell your stories.  We can't wait to see what we can dream up together!

Family Stories Package Rules:

Sessions must all be completed within one year of booking date.
Sessions may be used as a basic senior session (weddings, engagements, {wow} newborns and specialty sessions not included).
1 session may be given as a gift to someone else (4 or fewer people in group)
Initial payment required at time of booking (other payment options are quarterly, 1/2 year in full (in full comes with a 10% discount).  

Please contact us at if you would like more information on any of the Family Stories packages listed below. 

Everyone has a story.  We look FORWARD to telling yours! 

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I absolutely LOVE this idea!!!! How fun!!!