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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Happy Birthday Harry Potter | Maris Ehlers Photography

Last night was A's Harry Potter Birthday Party.  What a lot of fun it was!  Of course we wouldn't have been able to pull it off without the fabulous help of Katie.  :) 

First up were the invites.  Amelia and I made them and they were delivered at school.  We used Harry Potter paper and embelishments from Archivers, and found free Harry Potter fonts online for the copy. 

They were greeted at the front door with the infamous train terminal number.  All aboard to Hogwarts!

The first thing they did was check in and get their galleons from Gringotts.  No free rides at this party!  They had to use their gold to buy their wands (which my husband cut off of tree branches), pizza and lizard blood punch! 

After getting their gold, however, the next stop was to get sorted with the sorting hat.  We read a series of questions, and then the sorting hat assigned them to their house.  

The girls watch the first student get sorted.  She was obviously a Hufflepuff! 

The Sorting Hat told the birthday girl that she is a Gryffindor.  Imagine that! 

After being sorted, the girls were able to pick out their wands and find out what they were made of.  Things like unicorn tail feathers, snail guts, butterfly wings and troll drool.  You just didn't know what yours was made of until after you picked it! 

After dinner, the girls had fun with a Harry Potter Photo Shoot.  It was also a chance for the girls to be paid with more coins.  Here are the highlights! 

The Cast

Our Harry Potter realizes she's cast a spell on herself.  

Still wearing the glasses for cake and ice cream.

Here K broke out in a Happy Birthday cheer with the left over tissue paper.  Love it! 

Helping A open cards and gifts. 

Meanwhile, on the other side of town...

Big brother stayed over at a friends house so he didn't have to be here with all the girls.  My friend Kris snapped this picture of him after he fell asleep watching TV with the popcorn right in his mouth!  

We painted the girls nails to match their house colors, they made sock puppets, and played limbo new fewer than 50 times between last night and this morning. 

What fun! 

Happy Birthday, Miss Harry!  :)  

Now that it's all over all I can say is thank goodness for Sunday afternoon naps!!!  

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