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Friday, March 2, 2012

30 Pictures in 30 Days - Day 19

For Day 19, the theme is RAINBOWS OF COLOR.  There's a trick, though.  You can't actually submit a photograph of a rainbow!  It has to be either a rainbow made out of something else, or simply a profusion of different colors.

Think outside the box and impress me!

This is my attempt.  I tried so hard to get every color represented with fruit.  I managed red (raspberries), orange (kumquats), yellow (pineapple), green (limes), blue (blueberries), indigo (blackberries), and violet (ok, I struck out here, so I used a pinkish yogurt as a dip).

In this first series, I love the raspberries, but because the pineapple chunks are too high, I lose everything else.

I'm playing with this at the studio today, otherwise I would use other dishes at home.  So, I'm sort of stuck with this.

Here is my second plan.  I really wish I had a different dish, but short of having Angel hold the fruit with her bare hands, I think this is it.

I may play around with this a bit more at home over the weekend.  I'm excited to have my kids try the kumquats.


Well, Hunter ate all of the kumquats, so now I've moved on to crayons.  This used on camera flash.  I wish we had a new box of crayons.  These are pretty scruffy looking, but well-used!

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