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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Win A Pre-Prom Photo Shoot For You and Your Friends | Maris Ehlers Photography

What's the first thing everyone does on prom day after they get dressed and friends and dates arrive?  They take pictures!  Lots and lots of pictures.

Now, we're not saying that our pictures would be better than the ones your mom and dad take or anything, but... wait.  Yeah, we actually will say that. We'll also say that we'd love to do a prom day session for you and your friends that would be as cool and unique as you are!

Here is what we think pre-prom pictures should look like:

  • Fabulous pictures of the girls in their fantastic dresses either at your house or a cool and convenient location nearby!
  • Details, details, details... pictures of the details are always a lot of fun! 
  • Pictures of couples, groups, individuals, you name it.  It totally depends on who is in your "group"!  
  • Up to 6 couples can particpate (or 12 people). 
  • Who knows?  We might even take a picture of you WITH your parents... if it's cool with them, that is. 
So how to enter?  It's simple! 

Hop on facebook, and click on the Maris Ehlers Photography | Seniors page, and then do the following: 

For your 1st: click "like". 
For your 2nd entry, tell us why you'd love to win a prom day photo shoot. Include your school and date of your prom! 
For your 3rd entry, suggest our page to your friends on your page! 

Parents, you can enter on behalf of your high school student as well!  

We will pick a winner via random drawing in early April. 

Good luck! 

*  Must be within 45 miles of MEP (Hanover, MN) to be eligible to win! 

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Beth Macnab said...

So exciting!! =)