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Thursday, July 5, 2012

StoneRidge Golf Club Wedding Photography, Stillwater, MN | Maris Ehlers Photography

This wedding had so much goodness I don't even know where to start, but I'll give it a whirl.

The family is a very special one (you'll hear more about that on a different day), and the bride Mikayla and her mother Elaine are two of the savviest, classiest DIY'ers around.  This is proven by the fantastic details you'll see in this post.

When I first met with Mikayla to discuss her wedding day nearly a year ago, they were considering an eggplant color as their main color.  The more we talked and discovered about her tastes, style and how she wanted the day to look it didn't seem like the perfect fit, so she went off to think and look at other color palettes.

What she and Tim ended up choosing did suit the look they were going for.  A soft, light grey and petal pink.  It was stunning!

They were married at StoneRidge Golf Club near Stillwater in an outdoor tent (white), and the light reflecting from the sides and top of the tent along with their soft color palette made for some gorgeous detail imagery with the summer day.

We had a slightly overcast tone to the natural light, which in my opinion, made it even that much better.

So, without further delay, feast your eyes on this!

A welcome for guests as they arrived at StoneRidge Golf Club

Flowers by Festivities - Medina, MN

A box from Tiffany's with a gift for the bride from her parents.

Inside was a necklace with her birthstone.

It's funny what we find to use as backdrops.  The "s" from the Stoneridge sign seemed to work, especially since the bride and groom's last name is "Sager". 

Jewels on her shoes and on her bouquet. 

This is Mike, the horse who pulled the carriage that Mikayla's Dad hired for the occasion.

The burgundy in the coach cushions worked really well with the light pink in the girls dresses and flowers.

The only picture of the bride and groom you will see in this post.  StoneRidge has a FANTASTIC old barn available for shooting for weddings.  It's amazing! 

The tent where the wedding and reception were held.

This was such a lovely idea, and perfect for the hot day.  The wedding programs were made to work as fans, and they did get used as such! 

Here Mike, the Father of the Bride, gives her a kiss before the carriage took the path to the ceremony.

They had a lovely display of old family wedding day photographs.
Here was a table that was set up for the pre-reception cocktail hour.  The little "s" flowers on the table were attached to peppermint patties.  Nice touch!
The chandelier inside the tent is stunning.

Half the tables had high center pieces and half had low. It was a nice mix. Loved the frames on the tables (pink for the family tables).

A side view of the head table. Love! 

The candles, ribbons, rose petals and glass beaded stems really make the tables look finished.

Here you can see their little white pouches of chocolates, complete with pink and grey hearts with their name and date.  The back sides had a little thank you card on them.

One of the low arrangements on a table.

These signs were on the bride and groom's chairs at dinner.  They even thought to add glitter!

The head table place cards

Talk about attention to detail!  The champagne glasses for the couple had blush colored stems

Glittered monograms on the vases?  Why yes, I think so!

Mikayla eats gluten free, so they had a rice krispy cake with frosting (yes, this cake is made of rice krispies), and then several other flavors of sheet cakes for the guests as well.

What an amazing gift.  The grandfather wrote a letter, and it was typed and put into a beautiful frame. The paper was pink, of course!

What do you feed guests in the mood for a snack after lots of dancing?  A smores bar!

A view of the golf course just after dinner.


Mikayla said...

Omg! Maris you are SO incredibly talented! These photos are beyond amazing! I really put a lot of time and effort into making this wedding perfect for Tim and I and our guests. You captured everything so perfectly. Thank you so much for capturing all of this for me. I cant thank you enough!

Hamish rue said...

All the pictures are very good. It looks unique. It is really hard to take this kind of photograph.

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