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Monday, August 27, 2012

Van Dusen Mansion Summer Wedding Photography | Maris Ehlers Photography

Lindsey and Agustin picked a great day to get married.  We have had some crazy weather this summer - extreme high temps, dry winds, rains, you name it.  While the days leading up to their wedding day had some of that craziness in them, their wedding day was absolutely beautiful.  Well, until it started raining at about 10:00 p.m. during the reception, but that's another story. Or another post, if you will.

I thought it would be fitting that the first post for their wedding show all of the "getting ready" details as well as Lindsey's portraits before we move on to Agustin and the first look.  

Stay tuned, and enjoy the beautiful bride, dress, flowers and venue, which was the always incredible Van Dusen Mansion

The bride getting makeup on for the big day.  The Van Dusen Mansion has a great getting ready room for brides.
We thought this was a classy touch by Angelique's Bridal. Photo Credit:  Staci Landis for MEP
We couldn't resist using the dress form they have there. 
Lindsey's mother and sister helping her get ready.
Photo Credit:  Staci Landis for MEP

Photo Credit:  Staci Landis for MEP
Lindsey's sister helps her with her shoes.
Lindsey and Agustin wear green bands in memory of her grandfather.  She didn't think she should wear it on her wrist, so I suggested she pin it inside her dress.
Here her sister Jessica pins it to the petticoats under Lindsey's dress.
Carol, Lindsey's mom gets emotional when they show her the band in Lindsey's slip.
Lindsey's fabulous glitter bomb shoes!
Since Lindsey's family owns several Subway Stores, I figured we should show lunch!
A crown just hangin' around at The Van Dusen Mansion.  Photo Credit:  Staci Landis for MEP
Photo Credit:  Staci Landis for MEP

Photo Credit:  Staci Landis for MEP

I love putting rings in unexpected places.  Any guess where at The Van Dusen this was?
Lindsey's formal portraits: 

A personal favorite.

Photo Credit:  Staci Landis for MEP

Photo Credit:  Staci Landis for MEP

Here's a teaser for what the venue looked like (future post). 

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