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Monday, September 3, 2012

Minneapolis Vintage Engagement Photos | Maris Ehlers Photography

I had heard of Travis and Tone long before I met them. 

Travis is the brother of Angel, MEP's production manager and all around girl I couldn't live without. And yes, she is an Angel.  Most of the time.  

Angel has talked about Travis and Tone a lot over the past two years, how much her family misses them, as they live in Indianapolis, how much she hopes they will eventually move back to the Twin Cities, AND how she just wanted him to ask her to marry him already! 

They've been together for several years, and this winter, when the whole family was vacationing in Mexico, he popped the question.  I think Angel was nearly as excited as they were. 

Wedding plans began, and they finally made a trip home this weekend and so their engagement session was immediately placed on our calendars. 

Travis and Tone had lots of ideas about what type of photography they love, the look they wanted to convey, and how they wanted it to tie in to the 1940's theme they are planning for their wedding celebration. What I really loved though, was their trust in a total stranger (me), and a willingness to let our artistic expression frame their ideas, and I couldn't be happier with the result. 

We had a wonderful night, and they were truly up for anything.  Not only that, they were excited, enthusiastic, and enjoyed posing and adding a little drama, which is always wonderful.  It adds so much to the images.  

Here are my favorites from the night! 

Rich Girl Meets Poor Boy - He has nothin' but love and a grocery cart!  ;)  

Photo Credit:  Angel Petit for Maris Ehlers Photography

Photo Credit:  Angel Petit for Maris Ehlers Photography

Photo Credit:  Angel Petit for Maris Ehlers Photography

Travis and Tone, it was wonderful to meet you.  The two of you are every bit as cute as Angel has always said you are, and I am SUPER DUPER excited for your celebration in May!  Enjoy...  


Makeup by MJ Evans for Maris Ehlers Photography. 

A special thank you to Katie Hofer for all of your help!  :)  

1 comment:

sandy shults said...

Thank you so much Maris,Angel and everyone who helped. Iam so overjoyed with all the pictures of my daughter and Travis (soon to be son-in-law)Family is everything to us and can't wait for the big day to get here. LOVE IS IN THE AIR !!!