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Monday, October 1, 2012

MEP Birthday Week Give Aways! | Maris Ehlers Photography

It's BIRTHDAY week here at MEP.  My birthday is today, and Angel's birthday is on the 6th, so we thought a celebratory give away would be in order.

EVERY day this week, MEP will be giving away fun photo prizes, including custom photo iphone covers, custom photo note cards, proof books, free holiday cards and even MEP Gift cards.  Who doesn't love gift cards?

Here's how it works:

Every day we'll have an item for you to share on your wall.  When you post it (and tag us), you'll have entered for the day.  The best part is that your entries roll over from day to day, so by Friday, if you haven't won yet, you can have five entries for the grand prize ($200 MEP Gift Card).

If you do win on a given day, you can start over by entering again the next day.

If the prizes require a photo (like the iphone covers, proof books, etc), you can either use images from a session with us in the past year or you can "save" it for a session in the future (you'll have 1 year from the date you win to use it).

Good luck, and be sure to enter once a day - you'll find the directions to post on our facebook page (you'll simply share what we post and add a tag to enter).

Maris and Angel

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