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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cottage Grove Senior Portraits | Maris Ehlers Photography

All of our seniors are special, but some do stand out in the crowd.  Greta, a senior at Cottage Grove High School, certainly does.  Not only because she's smart, kind, beautiful and sweet, but because she's family! 

Angel and I were more than happy to make the trek down to Cottage Grove over the summer to photograph her on her family's farm as well as have her come to us for some fall color portraits as well. 

Greta, we think you're fabulous! 

One of my favorite senior images of the year! 

Well, and who wouldn't love Albert? 

Greta's steer Albert was crowned Grand Reserve Champion at the Minnesota State Fair just a couple of weeks after these pictures. Unfortunately for Albert, winning does NOT necessarily mean good things when you're a champion steer named Albert. 

I really should post the outtakes from this portion of the session.  Senior pictures… mandatory.  Pictures on your family farm… memories in the making.  Watching your cousin chase a pig while squatting… priceless! 

Oh, I love this picture!

The talented Ms. Greta actually made this dress!

Apparently she can even make an old rusted clothes line look good!

Greta in her FFA jacket.

We're not saying this is the school she's going to, but maybe? 

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