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Friday, July 10, 2009

The Fab 4 is really FABULOUS! - Senior Photography in Minneapolis

I'm a parent of two small children, and I often find myself dreaming / wondering what they'll be like when they are older. When I ponder high school, I worry a lot. I worry about what kind of friends they'll have, how they'll do in school, what activities they'll be in (all legal, I hope), and just if they'll be good kids or not. I hope they won't be quite as adventurous as their mother. I think of some of the high school aged kids we know that I would love them to be like, and I wonder what their parents did right, and how I can literally copy them play by play! Anyway, our friend Alyssa is one of those kids. I've gotten to know her because she has an interest in photography and has actually worked with me on most of the weddings I have done (one more reason to miss her when she goes to college this fall). Alyssa's mom gave her and her three best friends a photo session with me for graduation, which I thought was very cool (why wouldn't I, right?). We had a lot of fun, and took some fun pictures.

I contacted a former colleague who is wanting to get more into photography to come help out and shoot too, and she did great as well. Here are some of our images.

Photography Credits: Maris Ehlers, Tess Haun for Maris Ehlers Photography

You can see their full slideshow at FAB 4. Check out the cello series. I have to say, it was a neat experience to have this young girl playing a cello in a formal gown out in the field behind my house. She plays beautifully and it was just a fun moment I'll remember for a long time. Thanks, Amanda. :)

I imagine their parents are doing their own dreaming and worrying at this point, but these are four girls who have their whole lives ahead of them, and they're going to do great things.

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