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Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's amazing how you can shoot in the same "general" location many times and have a completely different look and feel to each session. Yesterday, I photographed a young family at the beach / park with the goal of some fall looking pictures (mom coordinated the wardrobes beautifully). However, the 2 year old wanted sand and water! It all worked out, but we had more beach than leaves, and lots of great smiles.

Here Haley shows us just how beautiful those eyes of hers are - I love how hats frame children's faces.

Jacob decided to show off his beautiful smile for me. Thank you, Jacob!

With toddlers, often the most compelling images, the ones that draw you in, are the ones where it's like I'm not even there. Here, Jacob is discovering little rocks in the sand.

She just happened to be making a wish with one of these and I thought it would make for a great pic. How many times I've watched my son do this - he can't resist picking these up whenever he sees one (even if he is late for the bus). I see some more images with this theme next summer when there are more of "them" in season. What are they called, anyway?

Toddler toes in the water. Who can resist THAT?

Sometimes an image just demands to be presented in one style or another, and this one SOOOO wanted to be black and white. How could I resist? It's one of my favs from the session. H could be on the cover of... anything, really!

I love this image, not so much for it's technical composition, but more for the tenderness expressed between father and son.

Haley, you're a photographers DREAM! :)

I love the contrast of the feeling of an Indian Summer here with the beach, sand, rocks and fall leaves.

John and Amber, thank you for sharing your little blessings with me!

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