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Monday, September 21, 2009

Road Trip - Minnesota Family Photography

This past weekend, I headed to Marshall, Minnesota with the kids to visit some family and also to run in my very first 10k race (I hesitate calling it a race - more like a 10k journey - ha ha).

I decided to try out offering some sessions in Marshall, and had a few families sign up. Luckily, I wasn't too sore on Sunday to get some fun shooting in!

We decided at the last minute to shoot one of the families in their back yard, and what a great choice that was! They have one of the coolest backyards I think I have seen of late, and the best part was that they did a lot of the work themselves.

They have three BEAUTIFUL children, and I really enjoyed getting to know them. What sweet kids they were! Even the oldest, Abe, was a totally sweetheart, and with boys that age it's often hit or miss!

So, without further adieu, meet the Jensen kids, living large in their backyard!

Here's Abe: They have this amazing playhouse in the back, and mom Jennie decorated the small door on the second level with each of the children's names. It's VERY cool!

Here's Reese. She's a beautiful and sweet girl, and in this pic she's standing in front of a sign that her mom made when Reese turned two. She had her put her hand prints on it, and it hangs on a fence in the yard with vines growing all around it. I loved it! Abe has his, too, and Shep will get his soon!

Shep, the little guy, was recovering from being sick earlier on in the week, but you wouldn't know it with his sunny disposition. An easy going third child, Shep clearly adores his siblings and just goes along for the ride. Well, for most of it, anyway!

I am in love with this girl's eyes! :)

I carried this funky hat and glove set around all day, hoping all the girls would wear them for me, and most of them did. I love the colors and the craziness of them, and I thought Reese looked great!

Here's Abe again - what a nice kid. Did I say that already?

And we end with Mr. Shep, looking full of mischief and happiness, as all toddlers should!

Thanks, Jensen family! You made photographing in Marshall a BLAST! Hope we get to do it again soon!


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