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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Images for a Cure - Minneapolis Photographer

The Images for a Cure experience has been wonderful for me. I have really enjoyed contributing to causes with my photography this year i.e. The Greater Minneapolis Crisis Nursery Fundraiser and, and can't wait to share more in 2010. High on my list is, which I think provides an invaluable service when someone is very sick or injured, so be on the lookout for GREAT photography deals as I support these and other causes in the coming months. It's definately a win/win for photographer and client!

I first met the Grate "girls" during the Crisis Nursery fundraiser. Kietra and I had met on facebook, and while it took us forever and a day to get a session booked we did, and boy, was it worth it. They have three beautiful and fun little girls. When they came back for the Images for a Cure fundraiser, it was really neat to see how all three girls had changed in just a few months. Kendall the most, obviously, as she's still a little baby, but Ava and Madelyn have both grown and evolved over the past few months as well.

This session included Dad, which brought a whole new feeling to the pics, and it's always fun to capture those family relationships with parents and their little ones. The link to their "full" proof slideshow is HERE. Please stop and visit!

This first pic is of Mom and Dad, the heart of it all.

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