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Sunday, October 18, 2009

The S Family - Minneapolis Family Photographer

Meet Joe and Sheila.

We've known them for about twenty years, and although we live in different cities and see each other only rarely, we've watched their family grow and change over the years, and it's been a lot of fun to watch.

Joe is TRULY one of the funniest people I've ever known, and Sheila has always appreciated his sense of humor and view on the world (well, she could probably tell us about a time or two when she maybe didn't find hi all that funny).

When they had Lexi, their first, now a freshman in college (yikes!), none of us knew anything about dealing with babies! They have raised a lovely, kind and sincere young woman, and I'm excited to see where her future takes her.

Lexi obviously has a fun and funky style as is evident by the pink argyle socks and the colorful mittens.

Erin is 12, yes 12... but don't forget the almost 13 part (very important, I would guess). She too, is just an all-around good kid. I totally love the fact that she didn't try to hide her braces during this shoot. So many kids try to pretend they aren't there for pictures, but she seems to take it all in stride.

This picture of her has been a favorite on my facebook photography page today:

And then, here comes Charleigh. Charleigh came on the scene 9 months ago, and while they had long ago traded their car seats for car pools and in Lexi's case probably the SHARING of cars, they've jumped back into the world of parenting a baby with a lot of love and enthusiasm.

This is one lucky little baby - she has two older sisters who obviously adore her. Here she is clinging to big sister Lexi's leg. I love getting down at eye level and seeing the world from their perspective. We're much bigger than we think! :)

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