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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Group Mom WOW Sessions - Maris Ehlers Photography

Well, I just have to start this post out with three things:

1. This is the owner and wearer of the boots - people were actually guessing who was wearing the boots on the MOMS' facebook pages, which I think is pretty funny. It was Kris!

I had asked them to bring any fun boots that they might have, and she sent me a note that started out something like this... "I can't believe I'm actually going to admit this, but..."... turns out she has had the boots for 18 years. So in my book they are vintage! ;)

2. Kris was the oldest "MOM" in our group, and exceptionally lovely!

3. She has four children! 19, 14, 6 and 5. Talk about a busy mom!!!!

I loved seeing her in neutral tones. Her skins is really warm and her eyes just sparkle. The minimal color in some of her clothing really brought that out.

Here we thought she looked fabulous!!! She has the confidence to carry off such a look, which is GREAT!

Kris has a lovely natural look to her that is amazing. Overediting the images of her actually takes away from her pictures, so you'll see that several are left in a very natural state and color palette.

These last three are all very simple and yet quite dramatic. I love them!

I bet I don't even have to tell you that Crista Hoff, Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay did her makeup, and did a fantastic job! Thank you Crista! You can see her website here:

Styling: Julia O'Brien
Hostess: Dre Barthel

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