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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Group Mom WOW Sessions - Maris Ehlers Photography

I think the best part about having five different women in one session is that while they were all photographed in the same location, their individual styles came SHINING through.

Meet Nancy. Nancy was the youngest mom of the group and has two toddlers at home. On top of that, she's one tough cookie! Nancy is a probation officer for Hennepin Countyand I'm sure has seen it all. The fun part about her session was bringing out a fun, flirty and playful side as well as showing off her dramatic features.

I decided to play a little bit with some of her images.

Doesn't she look great?

I love how dramatic her hair looks in this one. The black and white makes her eyes even that much more dramatic, which is very cool, IMHO.

We found that Nancy looks great in pinks and purples. I hope she'll wear more of them in the future!

Well, once we saw this we just had to capture it. I forgot, however, to ask what it meant!

These last two are two of my unexpected favorties from her session.

Crista Hoff did an AMAZING job on Nancy's makeup. She really brought out the details of her beautifully shaped eyes, and made them POP! Crista is an Independent Sales Director with Mary Kay, and you can find her website here. If you are looking to better understand how you can use makeup to show off your features, Crista would be the PERFECT person to chat with!

Thank you, Nancy!

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