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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Group Mom WOW Sessions - Minneapolis Photographer

It's official. Amber is hot. :)

This was actually Amber's last outfit for the shoot, and she was nervous. I didn't want her to feel uncomfortable, but we knew she looked awesome in it - she just didn't! In the end, this picture is my most favorite of hers.

Amber has these gorgeous eyes that just go on and on.

Julie keeps telling the women how important a punch of color is, and this picture proves she's right! I think we all tend to wear WAY too much black - at least I'm starting to see that, and we do it for a variety of reasons: it matches everything else and it's easy, but I think a lot of us also try to hide in it. We hear "black is slimming", and so we wear it head to toe! Kicking it up with a punch of color here and there definitely makes a lot of sense, and I think these women saw that in their own images.

I added a touch of coolness to this image that makes it feel like a morning shot, and love how it turned out.

I've never met a person with a more accurate first name than Amber. Full of warmth and vibrancy, her skin, hair and color tones are, too! I knew she could carry of the color of this sweater, and she did!

Check this one out!

The shirt and tie shots did not want to be this soft, romantic look. I chose to make them look a little grittier, and I think she looks fabulous. John, what do you think? :)

Makeup by the fabulous Crista Hoff and her assitant Heather. Crista is an Indpendent Sales Director for Mary Kay. Find her here:

Styling done by Julie O'Brien, and the day's hostess was Dre Barthel.

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