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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Group Mom WOW Sessions - Minneapolis Photographer

Meet Angel. I've known of Angel for a long time, and I've known her through our children for about a year or so, but I don't think I'd ever actually had a conversation with her until a few weeks ago when we had a quick facebook chat when I was looking for a child model. I was really surprised (pleasantly so) when she volunteered to participate in the first Group Mom WOW session and she ended up being one of the names drawn.

Whenever I've seen her in the past, I'll be honest - I've never looked at her from a photographer's perspective... how have I always seen or thought of her? Well, as a mom, of course! :) When she got here yesterday, even without a drop of makeup on I realized that she has this gorgeous creamy skin, and with her dark hair her eyes are so dramatic, but the best thing about her in my opinion is her smile. It's superb - it is very open, honest and genuine; it just lights up her face.

Julie helped choose some great colors for her to be photographed in. My favorites are from this cream series, where her hair and eyes just draw you in.

I think what is really exciting about the group WOW session opportunity is that while all of these women were asked to basically bring the same types of clothing, and were all photographed in the same location, their own personalities, styles and vibes made them all unique. I think that's really cool! You can see how different Angel's images are from Kari's, and it's really just because their own personalities and perspectives shine through!

Here she is enjoying a little champagne and cranberry juice.

Angel ROCKED this little black dress in a big way!

Look at her smile in these last two. Isn't she gorgeous?

Angel, you are FABULOUS!

Makeup: Crista Hoff, Indpendent Sales Director for Mary Kay

Please visit Crista's website at:

Stylist: Julia O'Brien
Hostess: Dre Barthel

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