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Friday, February 26, 2010

Group Mom WOW Sessions - Minneapolis Photographer

Kari is our first mom from today's group mom WOW session. I chose to post her pictures first because she drove over an hour to be part of our group, was the last one to be photographed, and has the most amazing hair. Ever.

Kari's makeup was done by Crista Hoff (along with her assistant Heather). Crista is and Independent Sales Director for Mary Kay, and is smashing to work with and just knows how to bring out the features and beauty in everyone. I heart Crista in a big way! You can find her on the Mary Kay website.

Dre Barthel was our wonderful hostess (care to get your nails painted while you're sipping champagne and waiting for makeup and wardrobe on a Friday? Dre will take care of you!), and Julia O'Brien was our fab stylist.

I "met" Kari on facebook a few months ago via another client (Hi, Kietra!), and we've chatted off and on a few times since then. I know she's the mom to 3 young children, and recently accomplished a BIG milestone - she ran her first marathon!

Kari jumped on the chance to be in our group today, and I'm so glad she did. She said she was up for anything, so here's what we came up with.

Formal gown meets motorcyle gear.

Here's a soft romantic look that suits her well. Look at the color of her eyes - remember that when you see the next picture.

Amazing, right?

This one is basically straight out of the camera.

How smokin' is THIS?

Uh, wait... this one is, too!

Here's a different look in color.

I think I'll just stop talking now. :)

Our last image of the day. Couldn't have been done without the fabulous Julia O'Brien!

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