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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PHOTOFUSION with Kristen Weaver

Facebook has been very good to my photography business in many ways. One of the ways has been connecting with photographers all over the U.S. I became acquainted with one photographer, Kristen Weaver, via a charity event called Images for a Cure. I love her work, and her posts often make me laugh. Not the posts with her images, of course. Those don't make me laugh. How rude of you to think so. Just her random comments. Anyway... I digress. Kristen has created an event called Photofusion, where she will be choosing one photographer to come to Miami and not only shoot with her, but she'll also be sharing all of her tools of the trade with the winning photographer. Gasp. Not only that, but she is hosting, which means she's paying for the winner's hotel room, shooting space, models, etc. Gasp again. To say that I would love to go is an understatement! So, for my three readers, here is my top ten list why Maris Ehlers should be chosen as the winning photographer for Kristin Weaver's Photofusion workshop.

10. I just have to physically meet the person who makes up words like "awesomesauce" and who takes her intern to her own doctor's appointment so she won't get chewed out by the doctor for not following orders. That's brilliant.
9. I'll buy her cat a new toy.
8. I'd do this anyway, but if I'm chosen I'll be her Images for a Cure SLAVE from here on out.
7. I would be most sponge-like and soak it ALL up.
6. Furthermore, I'd share it all - just like she is doing!
5. I learned early in life that you always take advantage of opportunities but never people. This seems like an outstanding opportunity, and one that would be insanely meaningful and exciting for me (not sure what's in it for her, but I recognize the significance of what she is offering and respect it immensely).
4. I like to explode peeps in the microwave.
3. I'm on the cusp. I'm a 40 year old mother of two young children, late to the game and on the cusp of figuring out a career that not only makes room for my passion of photography, but revolves around it. This would go a long way in helping me get there.
2. I think she has a great sense of humor. If so, I'll make her laugh until she almost pees her pants or I do. Whoever is first. Because who says we can't have fun while we learn?
1. Did I mention the PEEPS thing? :)


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Good luck. That trip to Miami would be nice in the winter. The city is great to shoot photos there are a lot of interesting places and people.

Ginger Dupre said...

Cute entry! Best to you in the contest!

Anonymous said...

You deserve this, your a great photographer. I have proof!

Kari said...

i vote for maris

Bonnie said...

What a fantastic opportunity Maris - you have my vote for sure! Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Maris, you have my vote.

Laura Justus said...

Go Maris! You should SO be in Miami for this!
L. Justus

Permanently Plural said...

Maris, the world is full of photographers, but few can pull off what I see in your images. You are the master at "capturing moments", what I believe is the soul of a photograph. I'm pulling for you to win! ♥

Dawn Fryxell said...

Maris all the way! Maris has a true gift and she deserves this opportunity!

Angela said...

Maris for sure! She has my vote.