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Friday, April 2, 2010

How do you go about getting fans on your facebook page?

Getting fans on a facebook page is fun, isn't it? I always feel like these faces and names are supportive of what I am doing and/or enjoy looking at my work, so each one that gets added is important to me, and I know many photographers and business owners feel the same way.

There are a few ways to gain fans, some more productive than others, and some more genuine.

The first way is to invite your friends and family from your personal page. Simply click on the "suggest to friends" link on your fan page and choose who you would like to add.

Another route is when you post pictures on your fan page and tag them to your clients, include your fan page url with the recommendation to become a fan in the comment box.

You can post a message on your personal and fan page asking your friends and fans to share your link and to invite their friends, too. Social media's viral capabilities are what makes this actually work for some.

You can add a facebook fan
widget to your website and blog, too.

Some people run contests or ads to get new fans as well. If running an ad, I suggest you target it very specifically to your location and target audience to ensure that you are talking to the right potential customers.

I would caution you, though: The whole point of a fan base is to build a customer base. I see photographer's pages all of the time who have a kajillion fans but a very small business. It's lovely to have people admire your work and the more the merrier, but I'd rather have a smaller fan base of active people who are more likely to be my customers than to spend money and time "courting" strangers who will never become more than that. My fan list grows quite slowly at times because of this, but I'm okay with that because I have a very engaged base who doesn't seem to mind when I "talk" to them... any marketer's goal!

Photographer's love to join other people's pages, which I do support! I've learned a TON from other photography pages, and I always enjoy hearing from a photographer in another part of the world, too.

Facebook is a great way to communicate with your current and potential clients... just make sure you respect their time and post relevant and valuable things or they'll stop reading!

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