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Saturday, May 29, 2010

COVER ME UP - Minneapolis Photographer

When I got Lindsay's call, she explained that she is a singer in a band called COVER ME UP. They perform in Minnesota and sing... you guessed it, cover songs!

She sounded like this was something she needed to do, especially with comments like "I'm being pressured to get some pictures taken", etc., etc., and seemed kind of shy which seemed so odd to me since she is a performer.

We booked our date, and I turned her over to Dawn Fryxell of Lucky Girl Jewels and Styling. We decided where we were going to shoot and the looks I wanted to capture, and then Dawn and Lindsay met to plan wardrobe.

Here is a look at the outfits they selected.

I met Lindsay yesterday morning before the shoot. Dawn and Dre were finishing hair and makeup, and she looked awesome with curls in her hair and her outfits ready to go. We spent a few minutes in front of the mirror together. I told her to just relax and have fun. If she can listen to direction and trust me that I want her to look fabulous as much as she does, everything will go great.

I really give her a lot of kudos. She relaxed, got into it a little bit and we all had a lot of fun. Dawn helped out for the entire session, and she and I are completely sunburnt today. Next time we'll bring sunscreen, that's for sure.

We headed out to a family farm in Maple Grove and here's what we came up with.

Lindsay, you ROCKED!

We're going to get the {wow} gang together and come watch you sing... soon!

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