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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Welcome to the Maris Ehlers Photography June 2010 Photography Contest. The theme is "multiples", and ANYONE with a camera (or a phone with a camera) is eligible to enter!

Multiples can have any interpretation or meaning: It can be a series of things in one shot, or multiple images compressed into one jpeg. Multiples can mean more than one of the exact same thing (like bowling pins) in an image, or more than one SIMILAR thing (like three little girls that are linked together through pose or wardrobe)... the imagination can really go wild here, and it's all open to your own thought process.

We gotta have rules, so here they are:

1. Entries accepted between now and the end of the day on 6/14/10.
2. Entries should be emailed to me (and not posted on facebook) at
3. Please feel free to spread the word that you've entered a contest, and "likes" are welcome and encouraged.
4. Please note that in order to be able to "like" an image, you must "like" Maris Ehlers Photography - that's facebook's rule, not mine.
5. Please be AWARE that if you use a face or person in your image, you MUST send me a copy of the model release or written permission by the person in the image or a parent of theirs if they are a minor. YOUR PICTURE WILL NOT BE POSTED WITHOUT AN ATTACHED RELEASE IN THE EMAIL. THIS IS CRITICAL!
6. This contest is open to amateurs, professionals and anyone in between.
7. "Likes" of an image are ONE element of the judging. A panel of 5 judges will be chosen by MEP to pick the winning image.
8. The winning image will receive a $50 Target Gift Card, courtesy of Maris Ehlers Photography.
9. Entrants can be local or from anywhere else (as long as you have access to a Target Stores).
10. Photo editing is acceptable.
11. MEP reserves the right to decline a photo for any reason (including inappropriate content, lack of signed model release, etc, etc).
12. When MEP posts your photo to the contest album on facebook, you will be tagged in the image.

I think that's it!!! Good luck, and if you have any questions at all, please let me know!



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