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Saturday, June 26, 2010

What to Wear for Baby Pictures Featuring "Lavender Hill" by Baby GAP | Maris Ehlers Photography

Choosing what a toddler should wear for a photo session should be easy, right?  YES!  

Yesterday I had the chance to photograph Audrey, a sweet little 18 month old with adorable blue eyes and what is looking to be strawberry blonde hair.  Alyssa, my trusted second shooter came along with and we had a ton of fun with the sweet little Miss. 

Audrey's mom is always open to suggestions for outfits and since I knew we'd be photographing Audrey in the beautiful landscaping behind their house, I suggested lavender.  Why?  Because of her coloring, her eyes, and the fact that there would be a lot of green in the background.  Lavender is a great picture in photographs - believe it or not, it works with a lot of different colors and can work extremely well with blue eyes and/or reddish hair.  In this case, we had both!  I suggested this dress from Baby Gap.  It is part of the Lavender Hill collection, which I think is adorable, and it worked like a charm. 

Here are a few of my favorites from Audrey's session. Notice how well the lavender works with her eyes, as well as the colors outside. 

Here the lavender and blue work really well together! 

I love her curious look. 

Here are two images by my second shooter, Alyssa Lund for Maris Ehlers Photography.

I took the liberty of de-saturating this image a little bit and adding some texture.

Lavenders and blues look great with vibrant green backgrounds.  Notice how this color palette sets off her hair.  

Look at that sweet smile. 

Here is another distressed finish that I liked the looks of: 

Photographing children in their own environment can make them more comfortable with the idea of strangers chasing them around and taking pictures.  :)  Audrey's room is gorgeous, but I love this image best in black and white as it has a timeless feel to it that works well with the crib. 

Two of my favorites from the day.


Kietra Grate said...

Maris - these are gorgeous pictures, and Audrey is an absolute doll. I love the outdoor pics w/the precious. And the dress, LOVE the dress (might have to get it, LOL!) I just love seeing all of your pics, how in the world are they so great all the time? :) Tracy is very excited for their upcoming session! I have her Gymboree clothes sitting in my laudry room waiting for her!

Maris Ehlers Photography said...

Kietra, thanks! Yes, I too am contemplating adding the lavender dress to Amelia's collection. As if she needs it, but it's super soft and adorable. They have a few other styles as well. My favorite "collection" to come out of GAP for a while.

I'm looking forward to meeting Tracy and her family. What outfits did she pick out? I'd love to know so I can plan accordingly!

Photo Prop Floors said...

Love the other version as well! Thanks for sharing with me!! =)