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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Things I Like | Maris Ehlers Photography

I enjoy learning about and discovering new things, and the internet is a big source of inspiration for me.  I thought it might be fun to give you a glimpse of things I'm into these days, whether new ideas or ones that I have loved for a while.  Some are photography-related and many are not!

On the top of my list today is PhotoProp Floors and Backdrops.  They sell inexpensive vinyl-like backdrops that are actually photographs of "things" that they've enlarged and printed.  Very durable and portable, there are TONS and I mean TONS of different backdrops.  I've ordered five so far and know I'll be buying more.

Here is an example of a tin tile version they have.  If you visit their facebook page today, you'll see an image that I took of Baby Audrey as their profile pic.  :)

I'm not sure what my next purchase will be, but I'm leaning towards this one:  It would be great for seniors and boys.

From another vendor, The Drop Shoppe, I am considering one of these two.  If anyone has an opinion, I'd love to hear it!!!

Have you discovered Etsy yet?  Etsy is an wonderful community for buying and selling mostly handmade crafts and things.  I am constantly amazed at the quality of craftmanship as well as the variety of things you can find.  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

Tin Blue Cross from Old Barn with Blue

This is 5 x 9 inches and if I knew where I'd hang it, it would be on my wall already! 

Check out this GORGEOUS soap.  It's from the Netherlands, but someone please have a special birthday so I can order it for you! ;)  

The Etsy seller of these simply amazing soaps is:  Ultimate Organic Soaps

Did I warn you this post was going to be pretty random?  The only thing tying the topics is together is that I like them.  :)  Below is a gift our son got from his grandparents for his birthday.  It's called Ant Universe, and it's SUPER cool!  

The container is already filled with the gel, and you use a coupon in the box to order your ants.  They arrive in a test tube in a few days, and you just put them in the gel and put the lid on it.  We have been fascinated with them for the last couple of weeks.  It's amazing to watch them dig their tunnels and to see how they live and work together.  Our whole family has been checking on them several times a day.  A great birthday gift for the nature-loving kids in your life.  Available online or at Creative Kids Stuff (Minnesota). 

If you like this episode of Random Ramblings, let me know.  My thought was to post one once a week or so if anyone is interested. 

As always, feedback is welcome! 

Happy Sunday. 


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