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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Gallery / Canvas Wrap Photography Print Sale | Maris Ehlers Photography

Canvas and Gallery Wraps are stunning products in which to display heirloom portraits.  They are mounted on a frame, and the image wraps around the frame, both allowing for the image to be seen on the sides of the print and eliminating the need for a frame!  So yes, while the print is more expensive, it's very high quality and durable, plus you do not add the cost of a custom frame.

Here's a snapshot of one I just ordered (this is what it looks like in the ordering system).

I can't wait to get it.  I'm ordering it today because whcc, my preferred lab, is having a 20% off sale on all gallery and canvas wraps.  This one, which is sized 16 x 30, will come with a wire mounted on the back for hanging and with rubber bumpers on all four corners.  This size will retail this week for $150.  Yay!

If you are interested in having me price out an image for you in a gallery or canvas wrap, please let me know.  All orders must be placed by Tuesday, July 6th.


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