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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

6th Month Baby Pictures In Baby's Room | Maris Ehlers Photography

If there is one thing I remember when my kids were babies, it was that to get ANYWHERE on time with a baby in tow, even to the neighbors house means you must a) pack enough for a small army, and b) leave at least an hour before you normally would because you'll forget so many things that you'll either have to drive back home (sometimes more than once) or make a stop along the way for some item of necessity... nose sucker, anyone? 

When it comes to taking pictures of babies, whether they be newborns, 6 months or 1 year, sometimes the best way to take care of your clients is to go to them.  You don't necessarily need an elaborate setting to create treasured images for new parents. Taking that significant amount of stress of being on time, finding the right location, worrying if they have everything, off of both parents AND baby (after all, even infants sense when mom and/or dad are stressed out), means happier parents and a happier, more relaxed baby to work with.


A and I went to Maeve's house on a Sunday morning a few weeks ago for her 6 month pictures.  We arrived at what was typically close to nap time and she was heading down the slippery slope to baby sick land.  How glad I was that we had chosen to photograph her in her own space.  While she wasn't super smily or giggly, she was curious and adorable... even when she was cranky. I think a road trip out to me for the session would have made it much more challenging.  

So here is Miss Maeve at her 6 month sitting... in her crib!  

I chose a lighthearted edit for this one so the focus would be on her eyes.  If you look closely, you can see the reflection of her crib in her eyes...  

Maeve's session was booked by her Aunt Nina as a gift to the parents.  I used to be a client at an agency that Nina worked for at the time.  I have to say, Maeve looks just like her aunt in this picture when she's crabby!  ;) 

Ok, so you see we didn't get so many smiles that day, but who cares when she has eyes like that? 

What a sweetheart.

I just couldn't bring myself to remove the drool from her lip on this one! 

Apparently she's a St. Ben's / St. John's baby.  Who knew?

Nate and Jill, thank you for allowing me to capture Maeve for you.  Nina, thanks for asking! 

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Anonymous said...

She is so beautiful, she doesn't need any smiles!!

lpod said...

She is the perfect baby! Great pictures!