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Monday, March 7, 2011

Now Booking BFF Photo Sessions for Girls! | Maris Ehlers Photography

Alrighty, then!  Many of you already saw the video on facebook of a fun, last minute session we did this weekend with my daughter and her "BFF" Kailee.  I had no idea it would be so much fun, that the girls would enjoy it as much as they did, and that people who follow my work would respond in such a positive way! 

I had considered doing sessions last fall with some tween girls and friends, but my schedule had filled up and I set the idea aside.  When my daughter suggested it for her and her friend while we were out doing some shopping, I thought "why not?"  We scoured through some clothing options and posted some snapshots of what they would be wearing.  

As soon as I posted the first image this morning, and the video after, the emails and messages started coming in.  Totally unexpected, but admittedly very pleasing to know that an idea has resonance with people who follow my work.  

Here's the video if you'd like to watch it: 

I promised to post some booking information today on the blog for such a session, so here it is: 

BFF Sessions for Girls!  - Fill out contact form here!


A totally customized session for girls and their best friends (limit 3) ages 6-19 (a couple of moms inquired about doing a "MOM BFF" session, and if you're interested in that just use the same contact form listed on this page).  


At Maris Ehlers Photography in Greenfield, Minnesota, or on location anywhere in the Twin Cities area (small upcharge for on location shoots, depending on where they are).  


$150 for up to 3 girls

  • Session planning with mom and daughter to determine theme, clothing options and location 
  • 1.5 hour long session 
  • Professionally edited video of proof selections posted online to share with friends 
  • 3 high res archival quality dics of the video for each participant (identical versions)
  • A professionally edited 5 x 7 print for each participant (print of their choosing)
Prints and Other Products: 

Prints and other fantastic products are of course available for ordering, but cannot replace any elements of this package.  

20 x 24 mounted and framed collage print:  $162.20 (does not include sales tax).  Free shipping if picked up at my studio. 

For request more information or to begin the booking process, click here!

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