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Saturday, March 5, 2011

What to Wear for Children's Photos - Little Girls BFF Photo Shoot | Maris Ehlers Photography

If my now six year old daughter ever makes me start paying her for her ideas, I am in BIG trouble.

Tonight while we were at Children's Place looking for headbands amongst all the cute clothes, she decided it would be fun to do a "BFF Photo Shoot" with one of her closest friends (and competitors).

She knows I am such a sucker for any time when she or her brother are actually willing to be in front of my camera, let alone SUGGESTING it!  As you can imagine, we walked out of that store with a few more things than headbands - we left with a wide variety of options for said photo shoot, which now should be happening tomorrow afternoon.  Yay for last minute plans.

I thought I'd throw together a quick mood board so you could see the clothing options BEFORE the shoot, and then I'll post pictures afterwards.  I love rocker-chick-grunge on girls.  Maybe a better description is ballerina/tomboy, which suits my girl perfectly.  For her 4th birthday, she wore a pink tutu and had a Transformer party.  I could not have been more proud.

There is something about a skirt and hi-tops on a little girl that say "I am a girl of today - I don't fit the old definition of sugar and spice and everything nice... I'm am nice, but I'm also funny, smart, witty, and oh by the way, I can kick your tail in karate!  Hi-ya!"

I didn't want them to be matchy matchy, but I did want to tie some elements together.  I'm not sure about the striped shirt, but obviously we'll settle on a mixture of these pieces and things we already have.  It is going to be a lot of fun to see how they interact with one another.  I'm just hoping there is no hair pulling by the time it's all over and that they are still "BFF's"!

I'd love to hear your comments on thoughts on what works here and what doesn't.  Any other suggestions?  I do have a fun headbank with a tulle pouf on it that might be fun with the army jacket.  We'll have to see.

Next shoot for my daughter I think will be 70's flower child.  I've been collecting goodies for this one, and can't wait!  Sigh.

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