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Friday, March 25, 2011

Planning a Wedding Reception at Bayview Event Center | Maris Ehlers Photography

The next post in the wedding planning series will be about location, but that will likely be next week.  As I am editing some images of Sara and Brian's wedding for the reception location at the gorgeous Bayview Event Center on Lake Minnetonka, I decided to post a few PLUS a couple of images from the reception that the bride hasn't even seen.  Sometimes I don't fall in love with an image until I'm looking at it months later and see something totally different. 

How did I miss this one? 

I think we'll be making room for this one in their album. 


The copper on white was STUNNING. 

Bayview has a gorgeous rustic feel to it with a large stone fireplace and hearth, which is the focal point of the Lake Minnetonka  reception room.  I loved it. 

The flower girl was wanting to boogie...during the maid of honor's toast! 

Remember when you are planning your wedding that the details really make the day.  


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